Resurrection Spirituality :: Acts 18

3 short stories about relationships with Jesus:

1 educated man. He’s studied for years about God and the coming Messiah. He’s passionate, articulate, and good at what he does. As far as that goes. But when an uneducated women who knows more than he hears him, she gracefully explains things more completely.

12 committed disciples. They’ve been solid, go-to guys for years. They work hard. As hard as they can. But then they meet Paul, who introduces them to the Source of strength. And they’re filled.

7 sons of a priest. They’re intrigued by the name “Jesus” which seems to work well for others. They decide to try it. Interested in a casual association, they name-drop and watch what happens. They’re nearly killed. Now intrigue sees more clearly and fears.

When our spirituality is resurrected there is always more: more information to learn, more power to experience, more holiness to revere. Always. More.

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