love the word

What does it take for something to truly change your life?  What takes something from being a New Year’s resolution to a personal revolution?
Lots of things claim to “change your life.”  Few things do. 
There’s a reason the things that change our lives do.  And there’s a reason the things that don’t, don’t. 
It’s love.
The things we love change us. 
The Church spends a lot of time talking about change – a change in thinking and a change in living – a change to a way of being found in the pages of the Bible which we believe is God’s Word. 
At least we say we believe it. 
We don’t often actually believe it.  Truth is, even though we own God’s very words, we rarely read them.  We don’t really know them.  We don’t love them.
David’s 119th Psalm is a shockingly confrontational testimony of devotion to God’s Word.  Read it with caution.  David’s passion will astound you.
Many of us truly want to be changed by God’s Word.  We want His peace to fill us.  We want His wisdom and strength to characterize our lives.  We want his love to inform us, to affect us.  We want the things that God says to make a practical difference.  
So may we truly love His Word.  May it change our lives. 

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