relentless pursuit

I’m in awe of the resurrected Christ.  Feeling so full today…

A recap of Sunday’s message on Luke 24:13-end. 

…  …  …

Have you allowed yourself to hope, only to have those hopes dashed?  Are you grieving unmet expectations?  Are you disappointed? With God?  With the Church?  With others?

In their severe disappointment, the Emmaus travelers leave.  They just walk away.  Like we do.  When God doesn’t perform we look to other lovers.  We’re “prone to wander, prone to leave…” 

And this is what’s so tragic about leaving: When we leave we miss what God is doing and we miss what he wants to do next.  We walk away from redemption and try to create our own destiny.  We say “God hasn’t worked for me, I’ll take it from here.” 

But here’s the good news: God’s pursuit of leavers is relentless.   It’s as if God says to us: 
You were walking away from me, you couldn’t see me with you, you didn’t see what I was doing, you were ready to write your own future. But I pursued you, revealed myself to you, and I still have plans for your life. 

            You are my witness. 
                        You will tell this story of my loving, relentless pursuit. 
                                    You will live this story of resurrection.