truthful compassion

Do I say it like it is?  Or do I just try to help?
Option A: “He’s using you.  He doesn’t love you.  Move out.”  (truth)
Option B: “I know it’s hard.  We love you.  You can call us anytime.” (compassion)
Option A: “You’re addicted.  You’ve lost control.” (truth)
Option B: “Here’s some money.  Take care, OK?”  (compassion)
Somehow, we’ve come to see it as an either/or issue.  Tell the truth OR be compassionate.  But the Apostle Paul’s challenge (Ephesians 4) is to grow up and recognize that it’s actually both/and. 
Real compassion is always truthful AND loving. 
Truth with no love is rarely heard.
Love with no truth rarely helps. 
Jesus: total truth AND real love.  Together. 
Some of the most pivotal moments in my life came when someone spoke the truth to me with love.  Those who changed my life demonstrated a lifestyle of truth-filled compassion.  

1 thought on “truthful compassion

  1. After reading the options, but before the rest, my answer was BOTH. How does it help someone if you're unwilling to give them the truth and the truth is always easier to bear with compassion.
    Giving the truth with compassion is my struggle. I'm not always the most compassionate when I don't see eye to eye.

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