I Should Just Stick with Theology

I bought it for the title: In Fifty Years We’ll All Be Chicks.
I bought it on a whim.

I was driving, listening to a conservative, Jewish talk show host who thinks and speaks with remarkable clarity, and was, for reasons I do not understand, interviewing Adam Carolla.

The Adam Carolla who has the most-listened-to podcast in the world.

The interview was funny – Adam has a remarkable ability to observe human behavior and point out the inherent humor in it.  I love this kind of work.

And I happen to agree with Adam’s basic concern about the increasing feminization (Adam uses another term) of American men.  I actually think it’s a real and serious problem.

But I should have just stopped with the title.  The content that followed (at least for the next 30 pages – I put it down and took a bath after that) was so thoroughly soaked in verbal sewage that I failed to notice the humor and human insight.  I was too busy trying to rescue my mind from the wretched imagery evoked in nearly every sentence.

I truly appreciate accurate language, so occasionally a colorful phrase is simply the best one to choose (in my opinion).  Mostly, poor language is simply laziness.  You’re not willing to put forth the effort to express yourself precisely, so you just choose from about six words and make it a noun, verb, or adjective – whatever fits.

Adam writes with such vulgarity that if the publisher were to censor the profanity this book would be reduced to a pamphlet.

Should have spent my $12 on something else – anything else – beets, even.

3 thoughts on “I Should Just Stick with Theology

  1. I am interested in your thoughts on the 'increasing feminization'. As the mother of a boy, I'm consistently worried about how to guide and raise him. Am I creating too much of a sensitive soul? Am I ruining him? Or am I giving him permission to FEEL the feelings he already has. I've been told he needs to 'emotionally toughen up' and am not sure if that's true or just the statements of someone who wasn't raised with the ability to express his emotions. Giant bag this subject is.

  2. Not sure how I missed your response (or all of the updated entries). I would LOVE to chat about this, as I constantly go back and forth on the issue and wonder about others thoughts. Shoot me an email with a few dates and we'll work it out.

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