Sabbath Well

Sabbath is a gift.  You receive it.  You don’t earn it or work it.  You just receive it and embrace it.

Unless you don’t.  Unless you just miss it.

Whether it’s an every-seven-year sabbatical or an every-seven-day sabbath, there’s a choice that must be made with passionate intention: it’s the choice to receive and hold the gift.

I wrote this as the sun rose on Playa de Coco in Nicaragua with just over two weeks of our sabbatical remaining.  I hope it challenges and encourages you to pay attention and take in the fullness of this day.


A Thought on Sabbatical

When you actively plan something for more than a year…
When those you care about most are giving, sacrificing, taking-on extra responsibility to enable you to rest…
When your children are growing up – rapidly! – before your very eyes…
When there’s a back-log of important conversations – and just the experience of conversing – that needs to happen with your wife…
When you know – you can’t ever really forget it – that the swift pace of crowded days and all the demands of your regular work and schedule are awaiting your return…

…there’s a sharp sense that
    you better get this right,
    you better receive the fullness of this gift,
    you better seize every moment and be present to the life given in every experience,
    you better hear God’s voice – not to preach it – but for your own soul,
    you better breathe deep, 
                     look hard,
                     think clearly,


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