The Silent Seduction of the Suburbs

Sometimes I can feel the deadening, the hardening, the glazing of the eyes…

It’s not a seduction of passion.  There’s no rush, no thrill.  
Just predictable stability.  Just the normal routine.

It can kill the soul.  It can blunt the once raw edge of the spirit.    
This is the silent seduction of the suburbs.  But it can happen anywhere, because it happens within.  Slowly, without detection, the oxygen is turned down, the morphine is turned up, and we exist in a mild state of mediocrity.
And, in time, our “Christianity” is nothing more than a “positive alternative”, 
                     our prayers never reach beyond “keep us safe”,
                            and our ethic is reduced to “being nice.” 
              Dulled into lifelessness. 

It’s common, but it’s counterfeit.  
Don’t spend your life on a spiritual couch holding a spiritual remote.  

Today is a journey.  It could be epic.

(What’s keeping you from really living it?)

1 thought on “The Silent Seduction of the Suburbs

  1. Thanks Nate. You are challenging me to not yearn for normal and predictable, which is what I've thought I wanted after this year. I'm praying for my soul to stay stirred and my life to by anything but normal….all for His glory.

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