Resurrection in the Target Parking Lot

So, what do you do with your cart?

You’re in the Target parking lot, you’ve unloaded your ice cream and your paper towels and then what?  Do you just toss the cart to the curb?  Just send it – wheels wobbling – somewhere in the vicinity of the nearest tree?  Do you?

Why? Image

Is it because that’s what everybody else does? Is it because you think you’re too important to walk 30 feet to the little cart return corral?  Is it because you think that’s below you?   That’s some kid’s job?

Let’s get very practical.

This is the moment when you either reject service as a symbol of punishment and inferiority or you embrace service as inherently good.

What?!  Are you trying to make returning grocery carts a spiritual thing? 

No, I’m trying to remind you that serving is a Christian thing.

Before serving was cool, it was Christian.  Before feeding the hungry was a 5K with a t-shirt, it was Christian.

Yes, the cart thing matters to me because I’m Christian.

And Christians serve.  That’s what we do.

We were serving in Genesis 2.  We’ll be serving in Revelation 22.


Social reasons?  Evangelistic reasons?  Moral reasons?

Ya, all that.

But most importantly: eschatological reasons.

We serve here and now because we will serve then and there.

By serving someone, you can bring something of Heaven to earth today. 

[from chapter 4 of Kingdom Come: Seven Ways to Experience Resurrection Here and Now, due out Easter 2014]


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