Rock to Satan

When Simon confesses the truth (Matthew 16:16), Jesus names him “Rock” (greek: Petra; or Peter).

Moments later (16:23) when Simon’s own desires cloud the truth, Jesus calls him “Satan.”

Fascinating, isn’t it, that our identity could be so rooted in our confession?

Perfect Name

“What is your name?” is one of the easiest, most automatic questions to answer. 

It’s one of the first questions we learn to answer.


“Who are you?”, on the other hand, is more complicated. 

It might be one of the more difficult questions to answer. 

Some of us have been trying to figure out how to answer that question for years. 


Names matter for two reasons:

what you’re called matters

and who you are matters.

The challenge is that 

what you’re called and

who you are

         are not always the same. 


Sometimes you’re called things that are not true.

But you believe the lies.


Sometimes you’re called things that are true. 

But you don’t believe the truths.


In Heaven, according to John’s Revelation, you will be named.

At the end of his vision, John sees Christ writing a new name on the foreheads of his servants, those who see God’s face.

What does that mean?


It means that

what you’re called and

who you are

will be exactly the same.


It means the deepest truth about who you are

will be what you’re called.