What do you expect?

Do you expect to become more courageous, less fearful, stronger in areas of weakness, healthier – more at peace – in the parts of your life marked by conflict and pain?

Do you expect to grow in wisdom?
Do you expect to become more generous and less worried?
Do you expect to overcome your addictions?
Do you expect love to replace hate?
Do you believe your life can be transformed?

I think you should.
I think you should expect journeying with Jesus to dramatically change your life.

Not once – like just at a moment of conversion…

But continually.

And thoroughly.

God works in and through all kinds of people – even sons of thunder.*

He wants to work in and through you.

* hear my teaching on the Apostle James at http://www.emmauscommunity.org/teachings

2 thoughts on “What do you expect?

  1. Hello Pastor Nathan,
    I do expect to live courageously without fear because my faith in my Lord and Savior is the cornerstone of my being.

    This I’ve learned through the past two years since my baptism. I have not only seen but I have felt happiness, laughter, despair, fear, struggle and hopelessness. Yet my heart and soul remain faithful to my Lord and Savior. It was in those moments I found His fingerprints revealing his path for me.

    Holding every thought captive to the word of God keeps my faith strong and unfailing.

    Your sister in Christ,

    • Evie,
      Have been away from this blog much of the summer. Thank you for this great comment. We love you and Tom. Much peace. Nathan

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