It’s the Becoming…

“Miracles may show me the saint, they do not show me how he became a saint: and that is what I want to see. It is not the completed process that intrigues me: it is the process itself… Tell me what was churning in his soul as he battled his way up from selfishness and the allurements of sin to the great heart of God.”

– M. Raymond, O.C.S.O, quoted in Seeking God, The Way of St. Benedict, by Esther de Waal

2 thoughts on “It’s the Becoming…

  1. Do You recommend this book “Seeking God”? I saw Your interest in St. Benedict and am interested to know more. I just downloaded “The Rule of St. Benedict” not really knowing its value. What resource did You find valuable? Thank You.

    • Ed,
      thanks for the comments.
      I’m reading Seeking God now and am finding it super helpful in synthesizing themes in Benedict’s Rule. De Waal’s commentary on the Rule is very good. I’m just beginning another commentary by Chittister. I highly recommend The Rule! It caught my attention in an old book store 3 years ago and I’ve been arrested by Benedict’s insights ever since. Peace.

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