It’s Not Too Late

There’s this extremely sad tendency in many of us that – even after we’ve sinned – makes confession difficult.

Like Judas, we might even admit we’ve done wrong, but still come up short of seeking forgiveness.  That’s the worst part of the tragedy.

People say, “It’s too late for me.”  “It’s too late for me to be a good parent.”  “It’s too late for me to learn to pray.” “It’s too late for this relationship to be saved.”

It’s not too late to humble yourself, to admit you were wrong, to seek forgiveness.

Jesus extends that offer to all people until our last breath.

If you’ve been wrong, if you’ve made bad choices, if you’ve been deceived, if you’ve sinned and hurt people, you don’t have to end in despair; you can end in hope.

Because of Jesus.

What happened to Judas?

Exactly what can happen to us,

when our history is not healed,

when we fail to see that God chooses us for his purposes, not ours,

when our character slips and choices become increasingly selfish,

when we’re deceived by the devil,

and when we’re too proud to seek and receive forgiveness from Jesus.

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