Never Too Anything

When God is the writer of your story, you’re never too young, you’re never too late, you’re never too unimportant or too stuck for God to birth something new in your life.

When God is the author, you’re never too anything.

There’s always room for surprises.  Because God is always writing birth stories.

The Christmas story is a story of new birth, of God doing a new thing.

Whatever new thing God is doing in your life, whether it’s a new baby, or a new calling, or a new role, or a new relationship…

Or even a new struggle, or a new loss, or a new grief, or a new longing…

God wants to reveal Himself through that.   Both to you and to others.

When God is writing your story, when you submit your life to your Maker, when you submit your story to your Author, know that you’re never too young, you’re never too old, you’re never too stuck, and it’s never too late to receive the surprise birth of Jesus into your life.

1 thought on “Never Too Anything

  1. Music and encouragement as I enter into my 70’s on this journey with God, Nathan. Indeed, it is never too late with our God. Steve in Santa Fe

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